I meant to start this website years ago. As a family we’re always looking for things to do and places to go and see. I want to try and build as many memories for the kids as possible.

But why start a website? I guess the answer to that is that I hope it might help some other families out there to enjoy some of the experiences that we have, or even provide a little inspiration to them. Oddly, I’ve been documenting most of our trips for years now without ever doing anything with that information.

We’re a family of 4. There’s me, my wife RenĂ© and our 2 boys Ben and Max. We also have a Maltese Terrier named Harry who often comes on our day trips with us.


Usually it’s me sorting the family trips out (in fact, always), the only problem is I’m not that organised. By day I’m the Creative Director at a marketing agency in Leeds. I also run a Ukulele blog in my spare time. I like to play guitar and always have too many things to do.

I’m the frugal one. Always looking for a deal, or something that doesn’t break the bank. I’m also the one that does most of the driving, especially if we’re abroad. It takes me an age to book a holiday as I’m always trying to work out the cheapest way possible.


Ren runs her own business called Paper Bloom which sells decals and wall stickers, she’s a former graphic designer. Ren loves walking and is quite easily the tidiest person in the house.

Although she won’t admit it, Ren is a natural photographer but you almost never see her on the other side of the camera. Most of the photos on this site will have been taken by her. Ren likes running in her spare time.

The boys

Ben and Max are 14 and 7. They can fall out about anything at all. Everything is a competition and they know exactly which buttons to push to wind each other up. Both are pretty energetic and take part in various different sports. Max is like a human map. If ever you need a petrol station or a supermarket, he will know where the nearest one is. They both love computer games (sigh).